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love it so far, night time needs to last as long as day time IMO, or have a permanent night mode unlock or something.  also need an auto collector, too many gems/coins slows the game to a crawl quick, couldn't even get half the plants in there. otherwise i love it :D  

OH and need a way to stagger the plants or be able to click through them, once u start filling it up, they cover each other are it gets hard to water/fertilize each plant as they overlap.

Thank you so much for your input! We are working on an auto coin collector in an upcoming update. We are also working on a downloadable option that should help with performance versus the web build. Thanks for playing!

I wonder if a setting or perhaps a purchasable ornament could possibly add the ability to have coins auto collected?

Oh thank you for the feedback! We are working on some updates and have something like that as a potential item. Our first update will be more UI oriented and then we will be tweaking game play soon after!

Awesome to hear, thankyou so much, you've done a fantastic job on the game and I very much look forward to it's future!



Is there any way to save your game? I'd love to save my progress and not have to start over each time, I love this game so much. 

Oh thank you for the feedback! We have a 'save' option on our to-do list. It will be a downloadable option. Follow if you want to know when more updates come out. Thanks for playing!!!

Cute game. Graphics is amazing,  I love animations and effects.

Thank you so much!


Love the changes you've made to this cute little game! Not having to click on each coin and gem is a great update. It is looking really good and the plants are gorgeous. I love the colorful effect overnight.

Thank you! Isn't it soooo much more enjoyable not to have to click on the coins!!? ;)


I love the idea of the game. In practice, the cursor is extremely glitchy. does not run smoothly at all.  So it isn't fun, just frustrating. If the cursor would move smoothly and quickly, it would be a lot of fun. I'm using an imac and a logitech mouse.

That’s very interesting. Thanks for the note and for including your system information in there. I take it that your imac is pretty new and you never experience this elsewhere.

Thanks, Randy. My imac is actually very  old. So maybe that's the problem. Im running OS X Yosemite, so pretty old. 

oh no! I'm sorry the game isn't working on your computer! It has a lot of special effects that probably strain an older computer. Thanks for trying to play! //Jennevieve


Its a great game. I'll be getting a new computer this year, so i can try later. I love the concept and the graphics.

I'm having the same problem too! I have an ASUS TUF gaming laptop and it's pretty new

I am sorry to hear that! We haven't been able to recreate the glitches. But we are working on a downloadable option that may help

Very cute and lovely. I love the sway of the plants and satisfying "ding!" when you collect a coin, even though my hand was cramping up from all the coinage the fx and sound made me want to keep clicking. That and buying more plants! Can't wait to see how this develops!

I took my gloves out and bought something and now I don't have them. I cannot move any plants.


Thank you for reporting this bug! Can you tell me what browser you use? There are a few bugs we are having trouble duplicating.

I was using Chrome when I encountered this bug.

Thank you for the info. Weird things happen in different browsers!

I love the art and the relaxed game play. The mechanics of buying a plant and placing it in your room is just oddly satisfying and fun. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing what you all do with it next!


Thank you for trying out the game. I appreciate it!